Saturday, August 8, 2009

personal practicum! ^^

it was a wonderful moment for me dis morning^^
my journey begun when i went to Masjid Bangsar
for "tuisyen hujung minggu" huhu
together wit my friends, we went there by taxi at 8.30 in da morning

it was my first experience to be in da programme
n of course it would be interesting for me to know the people there
especially the kids and the "mak cik" n "pak cik" who celebrated us warmly (tenkiu2)
for rahman, ismail n mozac, they have already been here for several times
and they noe the people here well
not like me who get a bit "shy" hahahah

the programme started when we all gathered in a hall and "mengalunkan Asma Al-Husna" (dont noe those words in english..lalalala)
then mail gave his words as a leader n later divided the group
i was in-charged year 5 students together wit my new friend Ikram.
then all of us moved to separated classes..

first tyme teaching year 5 students drives me blurred**
even though i have prepared earlier,but still i cant think what should i start wit OO
lastly i started the class by broke the ice (betol ka ayat haku neyh?)
introduced my name n then asked them to introduce themselves..
it takes time for me to remember all my "student" names..huhuhu
but i made it!
and until now i still remember their names

after knew their names i started my leson..
what? lesson plan?
im going to teach them ADJECTIVES!! ^^
n alhamdulillah all of them could absorbed what i have teach^^

it takes me an hour to finish my lesson before Ikram take incharge
(he continue wit his lesson..teach NOUNS^^)

our class ended bout 10.40 a.m.
then we headed to office for some "makan-makan" huhu
today's menu..
nasi lemak n tea^^

by 11.30 we headed back to IPBA
for me..
it was a moment to remember
i look foward to be there again

ieman's view : it is better for us to find out some things ourselves. im glad to be there as teaches me a lot about being a teacher=)

pictures will be upload later..just wait for it ...heheh

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