Thursday, February 5, 2009


today i had my islamic study lesson and our topic is akidah..
and i learn something intresting during the lesson that is why we feel dissapointed?
you might give a lot of answers but for me the best answer is because people did not appreciate me..talking about this topic, my mind come out with what happen here in my home ( i mean my apartment in IPBA ). sorry to say but im really dissapointed with my friends. whoever they are, they really make me feel sick to be here. the problem is one, just one...that is they did not appreciate my work or should i say my effort in maintaining the house clean. they having fun by playing ps2, watching tv, enjoy coffee and hang out without care of my effort to keep the house clean. they just let the common room and kitchen to be in terrible manner!

im the one who always do the house chores and im tired of it...but after having an enjoyable hour with islamic studies lecturer im feel that i shouldnt be dissapointed about it..if my aim to keep the house clean, i should do it because of Allah and i should not be dissapointed of it. nothing to be regret if you doing something because of Allah. yes you might fail in doing some something or your effort is not be appreciate and you may feel sad but you should not feel dissapointed because you are actually being tested by God. be strong!

so im going to keep the house clean eventhough nobody care to keep it i know my intention is im doing this just for Allah and i will be strong to faced the situation!

memetik kata wonderpets...apa yang penting?


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