Thursday, July 23, 2009

listen to mum's words

Little children, do you have a lot of questions, why

When other kids are reading manga, I am learning to draw and learning to communicate with the piano

When other kids are playing games, I am leaning on the wall memorizing my ABCs

I said that I wanted a large airplane, but I got an old recorder

Why should I listen
Why should I listen to mother’s words? When you grow up you will understand what I am saying

After I got older I started to realize why I run faster than others and fly further than other people

In the future, people will be reading my mangas and all the songs they sing will be written by me

Mother’s hard work isn’t seen by others. She knows the warm recipe by heart

When you have time, hold her hand and sleep dream together

Listen to mother’s words, don’t let her get hurt.
You want to grow up quickly so you can take care of her

Beautiful white hair, the sprouting happiness. Angel’s magic benevolence within (her) gentleness

In your future, music is your key to success, make use it to be in relationship

Sigh, I don’t wish to teach you something bad.
Why don’t you listen to what your mother says and get in a relationship later
I know your future path, but your mother knows it even better

You will start imitating friends and write things on your backpack

But I suggest it’s better for you to write: Mom I will study harder!

I will study hard, how does that come from my mouth?

I need to teach you because I don’t want you to lose. Study hard

you have to keep the sweater that mum knitted for you
Because on Mother’s Day, I want to tell her, I still have it

Oh yea, I will meet Zhou Run Fa*

So you can show off to your friends, “The God of Gambling will be your father”;

I can’t find the childhood love letter. Don’t give it away after you write it

Because you will find it on the playground two days later

You will start to like pop music because Jacky Cheung is about to sing Kiss Goodbye

Listen to mother’s words, don’t let her get hurt.
You want to grow up quickly so you can take care of her and protect her

*Zhou Run Fa is a famous actor (Yes…He is Chow Yun Fat)
*Kiss Goodbye is a famous song that was a hit in the 90s

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jiwaseni said...

nice. (^>^).....

Liebe Dich said...

da bez lyric ever!! go go jay chou! hehe