Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy Secret ^^

the ipba's wifi truly annoyed me..
sometimes the speed runs faster
but most of the time
it crawls like sloth! huh! (sabo je larh¬)

ok back to the story..

dis mornim
as usual, i went to class wit a happy face
free LDV hours adds to my happiness (mr mark is not around..wonder why he didn't leave us wit some works..huhuhu)
but thats not the issue..
the issue for today's post is Cha have told me a 'big' secret.
verry big secret even i cant sleep thinking about it.**
the secret had distract my teenage life..wahahaha
what should i do wit de secret?
should i keep it?
or should i delete it from my memory?
or the other bold option..
share the secret wit others 0o
but opkos i wont do dat ^^
(no worries..u can trust me Cha! hahaha)

what im try to mention here is
is it appropriate for us to hold some secrets even though the secrets may bring wrong perception by others?
for me, a secret is still a secret and forever it will be a secret.. (unless everyone know bout it^^)
it is a matter of trust.somebody trust u to keep their secret safe. maybe he/she thinks dat by share the secret with u, he/she will feels that the burden they carry decrease.
bcoz of dat, no matter how 'carzy' the secret is, i will keep the secret..safely in my mind¬
like Shap says 'biar pecah di perut, jgn pecah dimulut..ingat yer Shy!'


then it comes for Numerical literacy hour.
did some questions
went for break (Hujia n me starved to death..we r the one who reached the canteen first (i mean from our class)..huhu)
continue wit SS
follow by presentation
another presentation until the end of the hours..
after struggled for 5 HOURS studied
it comes to the of the class at last!
(but need to do a lot of homeworks! *sigh*)

currently im so enjoy watching The Legend of The Seeker..(addicted to it..lalalal¬)
here..let share some pictures!

ieman's rating : 5 stars! huhuhu
coment : believe me...the best story for de present time!

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Ana Syukriah said...

shy,cite ape tu? cmm x penah dgr je,huk,,

Saiful Al - Ieman said...

citer dr australia
sal hero menegakkan kebenaran
¬mcm besa larh¬

lima bintang