Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hak3! mencari mksud workbox!

mama tulung anakanda mu ini!
elaun ku sudah habes..
ada 10 hari lagi before sem break bermula...
mampukan aku bertahan hanya dengan suploh hengget di dalam wallet?
sama sama kita nantikan kesudahannya!!


hari nie seat for english studies paper
bapak susah unseen poem tue,
first baca paham laen
baca sekali lagi
paham laen lak
x tahu yg mna betol
moga moga lulus la
walaupon mock xm
tapi a x berani nk meng'mock'kan xm tersebut

sape yg terer cuba terangkan kat aku poem nih;

The Workbox
by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

"See, here's the workbox, little wife,
That I made of polished oak."
He was a joiner, of village life;
She came of borough folk.

He holds the present up to her
As with a smile she nears
And answers to the profferer,
''Twill last all my sewing years!"

"I warrant it will. And longer too.
'Tis a scantling that I got
Off poor John Wayward's coffin, who
Died of they knew not what.

"The shingled pattern that seems to cease
Against your box's rim
Continues right on in the piece
That's underground with him.

"And while I worked it made me think
Of timber's varied doom;
One inch where people eat and drink,
The next inch in a tomb.

"But why do you look so white, my dear,
And turn aside your face?
You knew not that good lad, I fear,
Though he came from your native place?"

"How could I know that good young man,
Though he came from my native town,
When he must have left there earlier than
I was a woman grown?"

"Ah, no. I should have understood!
It shocked you that I gave
To you one end of a piece of wood
Whose other is in a grave?"

"Don't, dear, despise my intellect,
Mere accidental things
Of that sort never have effect
On my imaginings."

Yet still her lips were limp and wan,
Her face still held aside,
As if she had known not only John,
But known of what he died.

esok lak paper social studies
mati la aku...
banyak giler benda yg kena baca
esok yg paling penting
kena berfikir secara kreatif..
berfikir secara kreatif?
betol sangat la tu...

(*ada org ckap x pew x lulus ss tuk mock xm, betol kew?)
jgn percya pada khabar angin!!

4 kalam yg berbicara:

iZzy aNne said...

mak aihhh, bapak susah soklan poem tuh~waaaa
n, whether kna llus ke x, just give ur best shot k!!


memang mencabar keimanan soklan tu..

so dah abeh xm
wat menda skunk?
sibuk duk tulung lect
preparation 4 graduation day

fieqa said...

aku pon 'terkesima' sungguh mnjawab soklan ini..

bace byk kali pon xpham2..=P


aku bukan stakat terkesima jer
im stunned!