Tuesday, December 15, 2009


You are a women - you are an angel!

Although many people will not agree with me, but I see women as angels. Well, I am talking about the status given to women regardless to what they do and who they are. I believe they are our partners in life and hereafter.

Here are some reasons why I love women and respect them...

Do you know her ?

I lived in her stomach for 9 months YES..NINE MONTHS, and she never refused to feed me and I did not have to pay the rent or any bills..Oh and I used to make her cry & scream sometimes and feel strong pain because I used to grasp each time one of her five layers...Yet, she was waiting for me impatiently and has been giving me all love and tender of the universe. I came to life and she called me BABY...and because I was not able to clean myself , watch any comedy shows or listen to music..she used to clean my dirts, make me laugh and sing for me...Yeeeees, she was my favourite comedian and singer...She taught me how to speak, how to eat, how to wear, how to love and spread love, how to take care of myself ...the list is long and the source is one..AN ANGEL !

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article taken from The Largest Islamic Project on the Internet

saiful al ieman kata "saya sayang mama saya!"


s.a.y.a. j.a.n.j.i...

kekadang, nak je saya ketawa bila baca post saya yg lepas lepas. mana x nyer, semua benda nak ditulis. dari perkara yg menggembirakan sehinggalah perkara yang menyakitkan kati. semua nak tulis, semua nak kongsi. (tapi lately malas nak menulis..hehe^^) . bila baca perkara yg happy tu okey lah, tapi bila masuk bab saya mencarut..rasa lain macam lak.rasa macam saya ni tak rasional. mungkin sebab saya ni x matured lagi kot..x pe lah, perlahan lahan saya akan kawal emosi saya nih supaya x mencarut lagi..and one more thing, saya dah janji kat diri saya yang saya x kan mencarut lagi kat sini...kalo saya ada postkan jugak, tegur tegur lak ek?

and for the mean time, saya berkira kira nak postkan pasal citer hujung tahun..just tak tahu macam mana nak start..
look forward to post it as soon as possible^^