Wednesday, September 9, 2009

do't be rude dude!


i was walking down the stairs when a friend of mine (new friend actually) says something to me..
he commented on my name and said that 'he is so SHY'.. for sure i can accept dat comment..but then he started to talked nonsense!
he commented on my dialect!..
who is he to decide which dialect should i use?
is he my father? my siblings? NO HE NOT!!
he has no right to comment on my slang. yes im a kelantanese and im proud to be kelantanese. but i noe my limit..i noe which slang should i use!! (oh lord..i lost my temper again)
he humiliated me!

what he know bout being a KELANTANESE?? does he noe dat as a teacher he should avoid using slang? surely he not...i already discussed the issue with mdm Norzilah, my learning support lecturer. she has the same opinion as mine. wat is the problem if im not using my slang? does it means dat im a 'kelantan murtad?'NO!!! what a nonsense dude!

heck! im feel like a stupid person rite now!

 saya makan budu jugak OK!
don't simply judge a book by its cover
still im proud to be kelantanese^^
saiful al ieman

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iema daud said...

hah!i'm there too during the incident!n i'm also quite annoyed with that 'new boy' and i thought i'm the only one who thinks that he's damn rude!actually i dun really know him but he's successfully insulting u n me!i wonder how u can stay calm n just ignore him at dat time...haish~

Saiful Al - Ieman said...

calmness is the the best reaction..

never mind iemah..mybe he needs time to noe me worries

btw..welcome to blogger world!!

dena said...

boley x jgn ltk gmbr budu tu?
pose ni weh !!!

Saiful Al - Ieman said...

malam nie
ko bakar ikan
then cicah ngan budu..